Asterix Saxo
Breed register, ID.NR. 08314/78
Trained and used as

Special patrol dog at the Danish home guard
Born: 10. marts 1978 - Past away: 12. juni 1988
 Asterix Saxo på strand
Year/date Place Host Type of Test Max.P. Point.
22/11-80 Trainingbase Århus HJVR.II. Bronce brand 110 101,2
14/11-82 Airbase Tirstrup HJVR.II. Sølv brand 135  113,9 
11/11-84  Airbase Karup  HJVR.II.  Gold brand 200 192,5 


 Dh Danish Champion 1982
     German Champion 1985
           Danish Working Champion 1985

Overall impression: Square, fabric full male, upper limit
is: SchH 3
individual assessment: gesture head, dark brown eyes, complete,
scissors bite, lacquer hair hard hair,
straight in front of standing deep chest,
in the movement harmonich
Rating: V. 1. cert. VDH. SO.
Danish Champion 1982
German Champion 1985
Danish Brugschampion 1985

Exhibition Description
Working champion




                                                                              Charp training in the terrain